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You are what you eat - pure air, fresh spices and ingredients enhance good health and longevity.

About the Chef

Inspired by the pure irresistible, mouth watering culinary traditions of the Kashmir valley Matamaal was born.

Founder Nalini thrives on preserving the traditional flavour undiluted. However, keeping in view the contemporary trends and food choices globally, Matamaal is your bespoke connect to Culture and cuisine.

Driven by the passion to keep it all alive, Nalini Sadhu started her journey into the art of food in the early 90's.

Trinity - Ma, Babma and jigri

Soaked in her flavour memories at Matamaal, she was fortunate to be married into the house of foodies. Jigri her mother in law greeted the new bride ( nalini ) with succulent Mach ( minced mutton dish). Her mother, Rani has been known for her big heart to give and serve with grace. Under such enviable guardianship of the three wonderful women, babma( Nani), jigri and mama Rani she has the wealth of knowledge and intense sense of flavours that she can present and invite you to relish her preserved traditions.

Nalini Sadhu took to serious cooking after marriage in 1990 Nalini wrote for Khaleej times and also held Kashmir cookery classes in Middle East. The Kashmir food festival hosted by Nalini at Raffles Singapore in 2001 is still remembered and gets invitations from raffles to host similar festival. Nalini is actively working from home kitchen and is busy catering to various homemade food lovers.
Matamaal is the first choice when it comes to authentic Kashmiri hindu cusine.


Nalini took the responsibility of catering to the large gatherings at social/religious functions in Bahrain, Sharjah and Muscat as well. These gatherings at times would exceed 500 guests. This was never a commercial venture but only service to society.

Nalini after her return to India has been assisting in kitchens of ISCKON, Sai Temple and various NGO’s in and around Delhi. Nalini is very keen to direct the large kitchens and create fusion food for her guests. Feeding quality meals to her guests gives Nalini enormous happiness and this is what her passion is. Nalini feels rewarded on seeing the guests satisfied and happy.

The proof of her passion lies in the name of her organisation “MATAMAAL” which is a Kashmiri translation of (NANI KA GHAR) where you are treated like a king.