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You are what you eat - pure air, fresh spices and ingredients enhance good health and longevity.

About the Chef

Inspired by the pure irresistible, mouth watering culinary traditions of the Kashmir valley Matamaal was born.

Founder Nalini thrives on preserving the traditional flavour undiluted. However, keeping in view the contemporary trends and food choices globally, Matamaal is your bespoke connect to Culture and cuisine.

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Our Specials

Try our wide range of exotic and assorted food items that will take you on a culinary ride. Enjoy our delicacies and pamper yourself. Have a look at our detailed menu and choose your favourite.

Lotus stems (Special cut) cooked in rich yogurt curry

Nadur Yakhni

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Creamy and a delicious punjabi curry made with kidney beans


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Special cut mutton ribs marinated in raw milk and spices Pan fried to crisp


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Mutton cooked in aromatic Kashmiri red chilli along with other herbs.

Rogan Josh

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Fried radish with Kashmiri chillies and walnut

Talith Muj Chatin

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Sochal cooked with fried pieces of Brinjal

Sochal Wangun

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